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Let a Rainbow rise in your heart too


Dynamic Reiki is the combination of the traditional Usui Reiki teaching and initiations that Maa Rabia, the founder of navel consciousness,practiced. The infusion of naval consciousness made traditional Reiki a dynamic process of self- awaking. What makes dynamic Reiki the finest teaching of the Reiki in the world is that inclusion of the birth beat alignment, which happens only in the dynamic Reiki. The birth beat alignment is harmonization of the three main pulses of heart, navel and third eye, which is intact at the time of the birth. Birth beat alignment is used as energy tool of navel consciousness in the dynamic Reiki. Dynamic Reiki takes one to the inner and outer development through the alignment of the heart, navel and third eye pulses with the universal rhythm. The person who receives the dynamic Reiki initiations wakes up to the awareness of infinite possibilities of living a heartfelt life. The receiver goes through the healing process while adjusting to the new awareness and new way of existence.

Mother Rabia‘s dynamic Reiki enlightenment foundation has been in the service of humanity since 1998. The foundation provides healing through dynamic Reiki sessions. We are the only centre that provides dynamic Reiki sessions which are infused with navel consciousness.

Birth beat alignment

The birth beat alignment is nothing but an alignment with your innate intelligence.We must understand that each one of us at the deep soul level has been created with the profound universal energy and intelligence. Unfortunately, we neglect this universalenergy and intelligence soon after the cutting of the umbilical cord. We do not give any thought to the beating of our heart, the breathing system and functions of various part of the body, which are independent of our thought and actions.

The birth beat alignment is the alignment of the three main pulses of heart, navel and third eye, which was intact at the time of the birth, when we were in contact with the universal energy. During the birth beat alignment initiation in the dynamic Reiki sessions in our centre, we take a being to the original source of energy and intelligence for taking a giant leap into higher awareness and new life.This new awakening helps a man and woman to break the stubborn karmic frames which fix a human being to a certain type of life or destiny for whole life.

The foundation had its origin in the enlightenment of the Mother Rabia, also known as Maa Rabia. She is named Rabia by the OSHO after a Sufi mystic in ancient India. The foundation came into existence at the personal request of the OSHO himself.

We conduct meditation sessions; provide psychological counselling, and Reiki healing to cure various physical, emotional and mental issues. We lay the foundation for a heartfelt life with deep inner joy and bliss.


Maa Rabia

Maa Rabia was born as Shogufta and spent her childhood in paradise on the earth, Kashmir. Later, the world came to know her as mother Rabia or Maa Rabia, the name that was given to her by the OSHO Acharya Rajneesh. The name came out of the mouth of Archarya Rajneesh when he saw shogufta in his centre in 1979.
In 1996, an elderly English lady Hilary met Rabia in Pune. Hilary was a Reiki practitioner for many years and immediately saw the new destiny that is waiting for the Rabia. Through her Reiki and tarot intuition, Hilary was clearly able to see the spiritual guidance that Rabia is receiving from Guru Nanak, Shirdi Sai Baba, Ma Sarasvati and Avatar Meher Baba. Madam Hilary insisted that Maa Rabia must learn the Reiki to see her unique destiny. Later Maa Rabia took Reiki classes from the Usui Reiki institute that was set up by a Japanese monk. Maa Rabia later started the dynamic enlightenment foundation to provide healing and enlightenment services to humanity. She also initiated her philosopher daughter Gesu Aftab in the art of energy healing.
Maa Rabia went through a series of intense enlightenment experiences including a near death experience in 1987. All these experiences opened a new chapter in her life and enabled her to see the life beyond mere existence. At the peak of her enlightenment experiences in 1988, she was initiated in the mysterious realm of the navel consciousness. She started the navel consciousness in the country and showed that navel is not just a scare left on the body after cutting of umbilical cord, but has a science of its own. Through birth beat alignment, which is a powerful tool of the navel consciousness, the receiver is reconnected with the source of infinite intelligence and energy. She and her daughter are creating the paradigm shift by initiating students from several countries into navel consciousness.


Gesu aftab is the daughter of the Maa Rabia. She was initiated into the Reiki and Navel consciousness by Maa Rabia herself. She is not only the daughter of the Maa Rabia but also her friend and confidante. She is a dynamic healer who has created a space for herself in the world of dynamic Reiki and navel consciousness. Her life task is to be a bridge between MaaRabia and the world. She is a graduate in English and psychology and has done post-graduation in mass media.

Her childhood was spent in the company of great spiritual masters and santsangs. She had to face several physical problems as her mental age was fare more advanced than her physical age. Her weak physique and asthma problem had almost ruined her life. She came back from the near- death experience on the energy given to her by the mother Rabia, and never saw the same physical condition again. At age young age of 16, she has had her first enlightenment experience and spent weeks in bliss. She emerged as a dynamic, young and vivacious lady and started her own event management company in the age of just 18. Finally at the age of 23, when many of us are still trying to find the right career, she after achieving so much felt something was missing in her life and left everything behind to search her true heartfelt life.

Today, she lives on telepathic wavelength with her guru and mother Maa Rabia. She is the only person in India after apart from Maa Rabia, who is introduced to the navel awakening by the mother Rabia. She is the also only person in the world who has written a book on the human navel. Her ideas, consultations, and insights have helped several persons from business,art,and other creative fields. She helps seekers to connect with the original brain. She is working to spread the awareness of navel consciousness through her workshops, writings, seminars and speaking engagements in India and abroad.