Best Dynamic Reiki classes in East Delhi

Reiki is a healing technique that reduces the stress and promotes relaxation of the body and mind. It is the popular name of healing with the use of hands. The Reiki is a Japanese word, which means ‘soul energy‘. It is based on the premise that our soul has inexhaustible energy that can be used to heal.Besides using our soul energy, the Reiki also uses the universal energy, which is even more powerful for healing. The healing through Reiki revitalizes the body and at the same time positively influences the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. It is both a physical energy and psychic healing. The healing is done through the head as the Japanese believe that the seat of the soul is the head where the third eye and crown chakra meet. The soul is activated through dynamic Reiki classes in delhi by the Reiki master. The initiation or attunement process that is taught is actually created by the Mother Rabia, the founder of the dynamic Reiki teachings. Maa Rabia is a Sufi mystic and founder of navel consciousness.

The dynamicReiki practice has been designed by her to generate greater awakening for deeper inner progress. The best dynamic Reiki classes in East Delhi are conducted by the ‘Disha’ Ms Pooja Bansal, the disciple of the Maa Rabia, at her center. The classes are conducted for all three degrees of Reiki from Reiki 1 to Reiki 111. The Reiki 1 activates the heart center the essence of life. The Reiki 11 works on the emotional and mental level. It removes the blockages to help energy flow freely through the body and mind. The Reiki 111 A connects a person with higher self and ascended spiritual masters. And finally the completion of Reiki 111 B allows the seeker to initiate others into Reiki. Each degree brings a significant change in the personality of the seeker. Anyone with the keen interest in the Reiki and its healing power can take the classes. There is no need for a prior knowledge in Reiki for the completion of the courses.