Best Meditation Center in Delhi

The best meditation center in Delhi conducts sessions on the navel consciousness and birth beat alignment. The classes are conducted by the ‘Disha’ Ms.PoojaBansal, who is the disciple of MaaRabia and master GesuAftab. The navel consciousness in India was developed by the Mother Rabia and ‘Disha’ Ms.PoojaBansal got the naval consciousness experience from the master herself. Later, She also has had experience of personal sessions on navel consciousness with the daughter of mother RabiaMaster GesuAftab. The best mediation center in East Delhi of ‘Disha’ Ms.PoojaBansal is the only meditation center where one can get sessions on the navel consciousness. The importance of the navel consciousness can be gauged from the fact that the great masters have proved scientifically that Navel is the center of the human body, not mind or heart. The first glimpse of life comes through navel as the child is connected with the mother through the navel.

In the meditation center, the Consciousness level is taken to the navel. During this process, the authentic center and understanding center becomes one and seeker becomes united and integrated whole. The person feels liberated and sees a glimpse of a new life altogether. In the center, the seeker will learn that our navel is the home of our original brain, which is the direct physical manifestation of the universal brain. This navel or Nabhi is the DNA of our soul, body, destiny and has the functioning of the universe in it. After our disconnection with the navel at the time of birth we search for it in love, sex, power, creativity, and spirituality or anything that helps us to get a fleeting glimpse of it.

This is because the wholeness or ‘Sat chit Anand‘ comes only through navel connection. The sat chit Anand was the place where every soul resided before coming on the earth. The best meditation center helps an individual or seeker to connect with the navel, the original center of the body. Here, through the meditation session on the navel consciousness, the broken energy bridge is reconnected between the original brain and body-mind - heart fabric. When a seeker begins to live bythe wisdom of the original brain, he or she experiences a universal ecstasy.