Our Services

Distance Healing Session

These sessions enable the clients to get the services in any part of the country or the world right in the comfort of home. the reiki sessions will help the client to cure many medical physical and emotional.

Special Meditation

We provide navel meditation which connnects an individal to the orgianl source of origin and intelligence . the meditation sessions are provided by the master who is trained by the founder of navel consciouness in india .

Workshops on Money

The workshop helps client to create the right mental frame which leads to wealth , health and marital bliss. After every sessions , our clients emerge with more energy ,and positive vibes.

Dynamic Reiki Training

The Dynamic Reiki journey Level 1 & 2 is a five days intensive course where you masters the technique of self healing. It includes precious Dynamic Reiki Initiation designed by MAA RABIA known as “Birth Beat Alignment”.

Aura cleansing

aura cleansing sessions remove the negative vibes and attract positie vibes which attract material and spiritual prosperity . it rejuvenates the mind ,and body of the man and woman .

Touch healing session

Touch Healing Sessions are designed to cover whole body. It includes 14 points on the front body and 9 points on the back. In this whole process, the Dynamic Reiki Healer connects to the universal energy and transfers it to the receivers body.

Personal Counselling Session

one to one sessons are conducted by the master in complete privavy and help the client to discuss emotional , psychological and medical issues get the highly effective services .

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