Best Healing Reiki Counselors in Delhi

Reiki is a healing system in which the energy of the body of the master is used to heal the individual. The self-energy and universal energy, which is more powerful than individual energy are brought into focus at the point of hand touch to bring the profound physical, emotional and mental changes in the seeker or receiver. The Reiki can be used to cure various mental, emotional and physical ailments or to seek answers to the spiritual questions. The Reiki can be learned from Reiki masters for self-healing also. One of the best Healing Reiki counselors in Delhi Ms.‘Disha’ Pooja Bansal was initiated into the Reiki by the founder of the dynamic Reiki Mother Rabia herself. It was a heavenly experience on earth for Ms.‘Disha’ Pooja Bansal.

It was a heavenly experience on earth for Ms.‘Disha’ Pooja Bansal. The initiation into dynamic Reiki helped the Reiki counselor in Delhi to find meaning in life which was missing earlier. The Reiki experience also brought calm and peace to her restless mind.

It was the personal search for deeper meaning and profound peace which led her to seek the services of the Reiki master. Now she wants to bring the same profound change in others through Reiki initiation at her center. The initiation in the Reiki will help individuals to see the vast potential that lies dormant in them at the moment. Through dynamic Reiki and navel consciousness any individual can tap into the potential for fulfilled and content life. The best Reiki healing counselor Ms.’Disha’ Pooja Bansal is the master in dynamic Reiki which is the finest therapy in Reiki.

The dynamic Reiki is the combination of the traditional Usui Reiki teaching and the spiritual enlightenment experiences of the Maa Rabia gained through practices of navel consciousness. Her disciple Ms.‘Disha; Pooja Bansal is the only Reiki counselor in the Delhi who conducts dynamic Reiki sessions with birth beat alignment initiations. The birth beat alignment is harmonization of three pulses, heart, navel and third eye which is a powerful tool of navel consciousness.