Stress and Psychological Counseling Services in East Delhi

Stress and psychological counseling services are provided by the Reiki Master ‘Disha’ Ms Pooja Bansal in the East Delhi. She is a disciple of Maa Rabia, the founder of navel consciousness and dynamic reiki in India. In her sessions a receiver is able to get profound and deep relaxation in body and mind. The blocked energy passages are opened and energy flows freely and creates space for new heartfelt experience in the life of the receiver. The Reiki is an ancient healing system based on the hand touch which is a part of any ancient wisdom.

The placement of the hands of the master on the particular location on the body of the receiver lifts a huge stress off the receiver. The universal energy is used through the hands to induce deep relaxation in the body of the receiver. The Reiki is both a physical therapy and psychic healing method. The duration of the sessions depends on treatment and counseling services provided by the’Disha’ Ms.PoojaBansal.

A great relief is felt by the receiver within a couple of sessions. The first session will itself enable the receiver to see the burden off the mind and the body. Through the use of hands in Reiki, the ‘Disha’ Ms. PoojaBansal taps into the incredible gift of the universe, the universal energy The hands of’Disha’Ms Bansal produce electromagnetic fields when she uses the hands for healing. In stress and psychological counseling services in Delhi the healer Ms. PoojaBansal places her hands on the head of the receiver as the head is considered the seat of the soul in the Reiki tradition.

The head is also the place where the third eye and crown chakra meet. During the stress and psychological counseling servicesin East Delhi the hands are also placed on the ears, temples, ears, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, Hara, root, things, knees, calves, ankles and feet for complete body relaxation. The whole treatment brings profound positive physical mental and emotional change.